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The Beauty And Magnificence of Old-Age

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10 Powerful Illustrations That Bring Out Our Daily Struggles

Struggling and maturing form two of the most important aspects of our  lives. we all face hurdles almost everyday and it is a universal truth that we do stay prepared for such unavoidable events. While scrolling through Instagram, we found 10 thought-provoking illustrations by an artist Amanda Oleander that are sure to take you to a bitter-sweet ride of relieving your daily struggles.

1) Detoxification of Malignant Thoughts
It is not uncommon to come across unwanted criticisms that take a heavy toll on our positivity. Dealing with the stress can be quite tough and it can, at the same time, turn into an exhausting struggle where we need to keep calm and deal with it. The process of detoxification of malignant thoughts is a struggle that we all face and the illustration below describes it in a nutshell.

2)Pursuing Dreams
Only a meagre fraction of people achieve their dreams and for some, the dream fails to materialise into reality for a number of reasons. Be it for the lack of proper m…

How It Feels To Be An Old-Soul

There are a number of things that transcend the domain of expression and understanding. Embedded deep in our psyche, our inner thoughts and most precious memories surface at the most unexpected moments. Some stay exuberant and peppy even at the age of 50 and some achieve the mental age of 50 even before attaining 21. A number of sources claim them to be "old-souls",souls that are intensely inclined towards soul-stirring aspects of life.

The word "old-soul" has been associated with me since childhood. Be it on my parent-teacher meeting when my mother dismissed all the allegations against me saying that "She is matured, you know. She will manage that" or the occasions when my roommate would call me "grandma" due to my worldly wisdom, I have often been convinced of my old-soul.
In this era of casual dating and open relationships, I have realised why relationship has another definition for me. Not in a cafe or dazzling coffee shops, I…

10 Emotions That Can't Be Articulated

We go through an emotional roller-coaster ride in our lives but fail to express them which can be frustrating at times. Imagine standing at the airport and waving goodbye to your loved one or coming back home and being snuggled by your cat. We have 10 beautiful illustrations that catch the warmth of emotions that can't be expressed at any cost and that, that very fact makes them all the more beautiful.

1) Falling in love all over again, at the most unexpected moments! (By @artbymoga)
Have youever felt being overpowered by dopamine the moment you saw your loved one doing things as ordinary as doing the dishes or going through the normal activities of checking their emails? This illustration describes the euphoric emotion of falling in love again, at the slightest of moments.

2) Squishing the toe beans of cats that are purrfect! (By @murzzstudio)
Having pets is not only relaxing but also satisfying to a great extent. What would you probably like to do after having a hectic day at w…

Relationship Taboos You Should Break

To maintain the perfect health of a relationship, you might think it is necessary to follow some guidelines or stick to some old-methods that prove to be successful when it comes to maintaining a relationship. A number of things, however, have deemed to be known as "wrong" concepts when it is associated with relationships and likely issues. If you and your partner like to take the decisions for yourselves and don't care a bit about what the rest of the world says when it comes to relationships, then this blog is undoubtedly for you !

Colbie Marie Z, a sex and relationship coach stresses on the language of love and asserts how, like spoken language, we all have a definite language in which we can communicate, reciprocate and understand love. This varies from person to person and it is least likely that two people will have the exact same conception of love.

Breaking away from shackles is as tough as it seems to be. Its not only the orthodox nature of the burden and stres…

10 reasons why being a book lover can be advantageous

If you are a person who finds solace in the words of Keats, visualizes the degradation of the world like Eliot and loves literature to an extent that can make you ditch every plan and finish a novel then, my dear, you need to know some amazing facts about yourself.
1) Observe minute changes between the book and the movie

Even if we watch the adaption of books, don’t mistake our endurance for liking. We do forget the birthdays of people and anniversaries of our parents, we do remember every line uttered by Ron and the sarcastic remarks of Hermione. Above all, we become great inspectors!
2) Act as an all-nighter like a pro

If we are into a book and we have already started identifying ourselves with the protagonist, don’t expect us to keep our book aside and take a beauty sleep. All we need is some light and we can stay away from social interaction, food and GoT. Brownie points if an owl hoots nearby!
3) Develop immense concentration power

While travelling by bus or train, we don’t need e…