How to cleanse your mind after having a rough day

Having a rough time is bad, but worse is spending the next day contemplating on what happened...

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Unappreciated Struggles

Struggling and maturing form two of the most important aspects of our  lives. we all face hurdles almost everyday and it is a universal truth that we do stay prepared for such......

Staying Alone

Living alone marks the milestone of independence for many of us. While some are thrilled by the idea of having an entire apartment to themselves, some can be intimidated by the prospects of living alone.


What feels worse than having a rough time? Probably the next morning- you are still sleepy, half-awake and before you can bid goodbye to your little moments of being half asleep,

How to Have Better Conversations

Not only small chats at dinner tables, my family even developed a special time after dinner where they would sit...

Bond of Roommates
Relationship Taboos
Old Age
Book Lover
Old Age

January 14, 2017

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