10 Emotions That Can't Be Articulated

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

We go through an emotional roller-coaster ride in our lives but fail to express them which can be frustrating at times. Imagine standing at the airport and waving goodbye to your loved one or coming back home and being snuggled by your cat. We have 10 beautiful illustrations that catch the warmth of emotions that can't be expressed at any cost and that, that very fact makes them all the more beautiful.

1) Falling in love all over again, at the most unexpected moments! (By @artbymoga)

Have you ever felt being overpowered by dopamine the moment you saw your loved one doing things as ordinary as doing the dishes or going through the normal activities of checking their emails? This illustration describes the euphoric emotion of falling in love again, at the slightest of moments.

2) Squishing the toe beans of cats that are purrfect! (By @murzzstudio)

Having pets is not only relaxing but also satisfying to a great extent. What would you probably like to do after having a hectic day at work? Some might talk about the curing properties of a mug of coffee or the medicinal properties of a goblet of red wine. One thing that cat lovers love to indulge in is squishing the toe beans of their cats and trust me, this emotion is beyond explanation.

3)Finishing the final coat of nail-polish like a pro ! ( By @adamtots)

Putting perfect coats of nail polish is what many people desire. Even if someone excels at it, it often gets marred by the slightest contact with your hair or finger tips. The tremendous joy achieved when you finish off in style like a pro doesn't need any word to describe its rarity.

4)Cooking the perfect egg!   ( By @adamtots)

Egg lover, let's unite. I mean, who doesn't love to cook the perfect egg and bask in the glory of the orgasmic sight? This illustration brings out the joy of making a perfect egg and the emotion that can never be adequately expressed by any word.

5) Following instructions on the internet and producing a replica of the recipe.                 ( By @adamtots)

In the age of globalisation, when the world is simply a global village, people have the chance to explore several dishes and some also undertake the journey of materialising it. Whatever steps we may take, the reward of achieving a true replica is a rare case which in itself is an inexpressible feeling.

6) "I'm going to start this from tomorrow" kind of feeling. ( By @adamtots)

Be it the regular mantra of students to start studying from tomorrow or the promises we make to ourselves to eat healthy, hit the gym or stop procrastinating, this illustration catches the essence of such guilty pleasures that can't, at any cost, be expressed through words.

7) Pseudo Compliments. (By @artbymoga)

Intellectuals nowadays seem to know everything about feminism and they respect women in every way possible, even by insulting other women in not-what-I-meant way. We have all experienced this when people compliment us by pointing out how we aren't like other women and, well, the rest of the reaction that goes on in our mind is a mini cyclone that has got no synonym in the dictionary.

8) Getting compliments when you expect them the least! (By @artbymoga)

 Who doesn't love compliments? No, I'm not talking about fake compliments that ruin our day but the ones that  actually make our day. Ever had your loved one compliment you in the middle of a conversation? If yes, then you actually know why we shouldn't give it a name and ruin the feeling of the moment.

9) Realising your mistake at the middle of an argument! (By @artbymoga)

 Admit it, we all have arguments and  at many points, we are the ones who are wrong. The twist doesn't come here but at the point in the middle of an argument when we realise that we were the ones who had wrong philosophy and the other person is downright innocent. Personally, I experience this quite often and the feeling is both devastating and a peculiar amalgamation of a number of other emotions that do not need to be expressed.

10) When you find out your dog prefers poop to other world-class dishes!                        (By @artbymoga )

Just like cat lovers would agree on the love for squishing toe beans of cats, dog lovers would agree on the disappointment of the moment when they find out their much loved pets feasting on poop. The feeling that dog lovers go through after this devastating situation needs no explanation and as my dog-lover friend says, "Why do you even need to remind me of that?" Basically, dog lovers can never explain the tragic phase they go through after this terrifying sight.

Even after graduating in English Literature, quite surprisingly, I do feel that some emotions are better not explained and kept to the owners of such emotions. Do let me know which emotions you prefer not to explain and why in the comment section below !

Cover illustration  by @murrzstudio



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