10 Powerful Illustrations That Bring Out Our Daily Struggles

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Struggling and maturing form two of the most important aspects of our  lives. we all face hurdles almost everyday and it is a universal truth that we do stay prepared for such unavoidable events. While scrolling through Instagram, we found 10 thought-provoking illustrations by an artist Amanda Oleander that are sure to take you to a bitter-sweet ride of relieving your daily struggles.

1) Detoxification of Malignant Thoughts

It is not uncommon to come across unwanted criticisms that take a heavy toll on our positivity. Dealing with the stress can be quite tough and it can, at the same time, turn into an exhausting struggle where we need to keep calm and deal with it. The process of detoxification of malignant thoughts is a struggle that we all face and the illustration below describes it in a nutshell.

2)Pursuing Dreams

Only a meagre fraction of people achieve their dreams and for some, the dream fails to materialise into reality for a number of reasons. Be it for the lack of proper means or guidance, fulfilling dreams is what many of us daydream about and the period when we try to achieve our dreams is a struggle indeed.

3)Finishing Works At The Eleventh Hour

Procrastinators, let's unite. We all know the tug-of-war kind of phase when we sloth ourselves and keep on delaying the work until the eleventh hour when the importance of work and time dawns upon us and we are left with nothing but loads of work and some caffeinated drinks to help us survive the time. Also, who cannot tell about our procrastinating nature by looking at our sore eyes,dull face and dishevelled hair?

4)Living Different Lives

It is often said that people who read  books live a number of lives apart from the one in which they are physically present. In this era of globalisation, people do not live different lives by merely reading but also by getting imbibed into social media platforms. Ever though how tough it might be for a tired soul to post a picture on social media with a dog filter ?

5)What Shall We Eat?

This is a question that annoys us quite often and we are left with nothing but a packet of chips or that of instant noodles to satisfy our hunger. A major portion of my hostel life was spent on thinking about what to eat and we barely came to a decent conclusion!

6)Choosing Cosmetics

How often do we walk into a fancy toiletries store and pick an item in an instant and buy it? Almost never . The struggle we face while choosing a perfect nail paint or lipstick and differentiating between burnt sienna and carmine absolutely requires utmost attention.

7) Blow Drying Long Hair

An instant blow dry facility is what people with long hairs dream about.Whether we get a long hair stuck in buttocks or feel exhausted while blow drying it, managing long hair is a struggle that feels like a mini workout.

8)Trying to Spend Time

There are a number of distractions that can actually take away the time of togetherness and replace it with time spent by scrolling news feed and watching videos. Keeping in touch with a person or trying to spend time together can feel like a burden if it is not given enough importance and overcoming which may seem like a never-ending struggle.

9) Bidding Goodbye to Dreams

On many occasions, it becomes tough for us to  dismiss the world of dreams and accept the real world. Doesn't it feel sometimes that the dream felt way too real? I experience this quite often and the struggle I face to accept that it was only a "dream" and that it has no connection with the reality is what disappoints me. This illustration depicts the struggle of overcoming the hangover of an intense dream.

10) Sleeping Beside Someone Who Has Long Hair

Having faced it when I was young and had an awkward boys' cut (that's what we called it), I know how it feels to sleep beside someone who has long hair and it gets all the way more messy when the hair gets tangled. The act of managing someone's hair at night and finding a peaceful niche to sleep is another struggle that goes unnoticed.

Each and every illustration is done by Amanda Oleandar, an amazing artist who brings our feelings into life through the medium of illustrations.

What are the struggles that you have faced and how do you overcome it? Let us know in the comment section below about such experiences of yours that go unnoticed but deserves to be mentioned.

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