10 Reasons Why Being A Book Lover Can Be Advantageous

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

If you are a person who finds solace in the words of Keats, visualizes the degradation of the world like Eliot and loves literature to an extent that can make you ditch every plan and finish a novel then, my dear, you need to know some amazing facts about yourself.

1) Observe minute changes between the book and the movie

Even if we watch the adaption of books, don’t mistake our endurance for liking. We do forget the birthdays of people and anniversaries of our parents, we do remember every line uttered by Ron and the sarcastic remarks of Hermione. Above all, we become great inspectors!

2) Act as an all-nighter like a pro

If we are into a book and we have already started identifying ourselves with the protagonist, don’t expect us to keep our book aside and take a beauty sleep. All we need is some light and we can stay away from social interaction, food and GoT. Brownie points if an owl hoots nearby!

3) Develop immense concentration power

While travelling by bus or train, we don’t need earphones to drive away the unwanted session of gossip. We just open the book and flaw away to an unknown land where there are less nuances. Bonus? We magically develop intense concentration power.

4) Become empathetic

We do oscillate between the real and imaginary world but aren’t escapists. Application of literature to life is something that makes us more empathetic towards others and that’s O.K. Even if we fail to make others understand why Shaw is an iconoclast, we are ready to dismantle orthodox icons at no time.

5) Scientifically, we are best humans to fall in love with

After going through the protagonists’ traumatic love experiences a number of times , we do understand what it means to love. Neither are we as shallow as Sergius nor do we possessively love as Lady Macbeth (oh yeah! She loved Macbeth passionately) . Be it love letters or praising the vacant look in someone’s eyes, we do excel in love.

6) Almost all famous personalities have been avid readers

Reading nurtures our brain and helps us to develop as well. According to Bill Gates, he reads one hour before going to sleep as that helps him to soothe his nerves and combat reality as well as produce germinating ideas. Results? Do I need to mention?

7) Reading fiction can help us to be more open minded

Remember the times when we would block our ears if we heard terms like incest and the desires of human beings? Well, fiction does help us to appreciate the differences in people and appreciate for who they are instead of dragging them into our periphery and limiting their capabilities. Had it not been for Sons and Lovers, we would never accept the possessive love a mother sometimes develops for her son.

8) People who read books have bigger survival rate

According to Yale researchers who studies 3,635 people, found that people who read approximately for 30 minutes a day lived 23 months longer than non-readers or magazine readers. Apparently, reading engages a number of senses and things that improves a number of things, including vocabulary, thinking skills, emotional intelligence and social empathy that helps people to survive on this planet longer.

9) Book lovers are always ready with quotes

We have an inbuilt system that provides us with the right quote at the right time. Just as my mind produced this right now – “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” ( Stephen King, On Writing )

10) You have the worldly possession of conversation starters

I mean, who will be able to resist talking about Ammu’s pathetic plight in The God of Small Things or the charismatic nature of Robert Langdon?



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