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5 Genius Ways to Give Your Home Office a Makeover!

Who doesn't love to dissolve in the comfort of home and get tons of work done? In spite of all the positive sides, the most common obstacle faced while trying to concentrate while at home is, quite paradoxically, the comfort of home itself. While it is not productive to set the office space in the bedroom, there also should be a certain arrangement of your office space which will make you feel at easy as well as energise you to be super productive.

1. Wire Management

Most of us use some kind of electronic gadgets while working the wires of the same often become tangled and the very sight of a heap of wires lying on your desk is a sight that everybody despises. Using an organised clipboard behind the desk where each wire can be plugged neatly helps in clearing the clutter.

2.Use sound panels for sound-proofing your room

If you stay at a place which is situated near roads or any site of gathering, it is recommended to install sound panels in your room to demolish any unwanted sound that can cause potential disturbance.

3.Use Stationary Sorter

Use any cardboard box or buy a rectangular box which has small compartments in it that will help you to arrange all your stationary items so that you don't need to interrupt your work to find a small pencil.

4.Turning your lights and fans 'smart'

Getting up to adjust the fans and lights every now and then can be something very disturbing and the best way to add a professional touch is by making your fans and lights 'smart'.

5. Don't decorate your space unnecessarily

This is something we all are guilty of doing: decorating our office space way too heavily that makes the space look more like a lounging area than an office space. It is way better to focus on the essentials and de-clutter the items that aren't necessary.

P.S- I have implemented some of these tips and the result is quite satisfying. Give it a try and let me know how productive it is!

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