Choosing the Path Less Traveled By

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

We have often been bombarded with questions and doubts that whether we are doing what we love. Let's admit it, we have felt, at certain moments that life could have been easier if we didn't choose the path "less traveled by". Even if each and every person didn't pursue an unconventional course, we all have undoubtedly taken decisions that have jointly raised eyebrows and developed us.

Parents often give freedom to their children to choose anything they like but that is again restricted to some of the conventional courses and jobs. It is often advisable to stick to a suffocating, uninteresting yet permanent job as it is regarded as an unending source of stability. Ever heard of parents gladly accepting their children's wish of becoming a wine taster or fashion choreographer at the very initial stages? The case is bound to be too little. People having unconventional dreams often abort it thinking it to be sky-high and some even fail to materialise it due to the lack of monetary funding. Whatever may be case, the society values the unconventional but expects everybody to be conventional.

Not only are people criticised for making unconventional career choices but also for nurturing different thoughts. Fate is capricious, and so is life. We get attacked by the things that we condemn. Men who fight for the dissolution for the gender roles and prefer to do things that are traditionally ascribed to be women's job are also termed harshly as 'feminine' and are often given opinions that they should wear bangles. Be it attacking gender roles or nurturing unconventional thoughts, other side of the stream is always bad.

Accepting differences is what modernity means and in spite of branding ourselves as moderns, this is the domain where we fail unexpectedly. We are intensely resistant against accepting things outside the periphery of stereotypes. While it is alright for people to romanticise child marriage and recount the stories of marital bliss between grandparents or even our parents, we frown when we see two adults,with an age difference, in a love relationship. We can't even accept if they are of the same age, why? Society thinks age gap of a ripe term (preferably five to six) can only lead to marital bliss. Those who walk against the stream of conventions and rules are termed as spoiled and their marital life is seen as a battle-field.

The process of taking the road less traveled by can be a challenging one as it unavoidable to stand at the cliff of losing hope. But once we gather the courage and strength to embark on a path of perils to reach our destination, destiny is bound to be sweet and better if not the best.

Robert Frost's poem 'The Road Not Taken' is the one from which I have gathered the idea of writing this entire post. The concluding stanza of the poem sums up the difficulties and indecisiveness of choosing and makes it explicit :

"I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

What unconventional steps have you takes to nurture yourself? Tell us in the comment section below and we would love to know.



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