How It Feels To Be An Old-Soul

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

There are a number of things that transcend the domain of expression and understanding. Embedded deep in our psyche, our inner thoughts and most precious memories surface at the most unexpected moments. Some stay exuberant and peppy even at the age of 50 and some achieve the mental age of 50 even before attaining 21. A number of sources claim them to be "old-souls",souls that are intensely inclined towards soul-stirring aspects of life.

The word "old-soul" has been associated with me since childhood. Be it on my parent-teacher meeting when my mother dismissed all the allegations against me saying that "She is matured, you know. She will manage that" or the occasions when my roommate would call me "grandma" due to my worldly wisdom, I have often been convinced of my old-soul.


In this era of casual dating and open relationships, I have realised why relationship has another definition for me. Not in a cafe or dazzling coffee shops, I would like to discover love in  the most decadent of places. My kind of love is unified, it is centralised and not discrete. Ever thought how it might feel to watch rainfall with your loved one or spend a lazy Sunday afternoon talking about your favourite fictional character? That's what love is to me, an emotional old-soul trapped in a young body. 

A Bit Old-School

Having a soft corner for hand-written letters in the era of WhatsApp, I have often been criticised for being 'old-school'. The consistent feeling of out of place is quite common for us and we are regularly branded as the 'anti-socials'.  

Wisdom Is Rarely Shared

One of the biggest struggles about being an old soul is that people seldom take our seriousness seriously. Tagged as 'pseudo-intellectuals', we often find it hard to let people overcome our young appearances and understand the worldly wisdom (even if its 1%) that we have.

Withdrawn Self

Most old-souls tend to be introverts, they prefer to indulge in their own company rather than finding company outside. Our withdrawn nature is often associated with arrogance and a cold nature though it just our soul and its attraction for seclusion that monitors our actions.


Our souls tend to find fulfillment in activities and that leads to a mature domain of self-actualisation and self-realisation. It can be anything like teaching,writing, gardening, painting,photography or even wine-brewing but the aspect that motivates old-souls to work harder is self-nurture. We often find ourselves in the most vague of things that do not benefit us in orthodox ways but helps us to become better humans.

Feeling "Old"

Some people are "young at heart" and some aren't. Old-souls occupy the major portion of people who feel "old and matured at heart". It's not that we are not into thrilling acts of adrenaline rush but we often prefer solitude to other things.

 Spiritually Inclined 

More emotional old-souls have a tendency to be spiritually inclined that is evident in their pursuit of  the ultimate truth of life and other such complex yet intriguing topics. Overcoming the constrains of ego, old-souls have an aspect that propels their energy towards the search of spirituality within themselves.

Dislike for Negativity 

Dark and low vibrations of energy like greed,anger,hatred or gluttony do not set well with old souls who have a strong affinity towards warm and strong vibrations of energy like love, happiness or kindness.  Negative emotions do not initiate good reactions in us and that amounts to our eternal quest for happiness and warm vibrations of energy.

Trusting Intuitions 

W give a lot of importance to our wise mind and know that the unconscious mind is the storehouse of great wealth even though it doesn't surface directly. What surpasses logic and rationality is intuition and we give immense importance to this aspect of intuition that often proves to be correct. Supernatural? Well, its natural for us!

Seeing The Bigger Picture 

 No matter how long have we inhabited this Earth, we visualise things with our mind's eye that is guided by our old-soul. The interconnection of this world with a number of seemingly unimportant things sets a harmony for the world. This ability to understand the broader perspective is a reminder that we do not stay limited at the geographical niche in which we reside and that we are more open to chances and perspectives around us.

Some of the finest minds in history like Carl Jung and Leonardo da Vinci have also been old souls . If you are an old soul, let us know in the comment section below how do you feel and what are your struggles in the path of maturation. 



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