How Living Alone Gives One Scopes For Evaluating The Self

Living alone marks the milestone of independence for many of us. While some are thrilled by the idea of having an entire apartment to themselves, some can be intimidated by the prospects of living alone. Lacking the comfort of a roommate to talk with over a comforting cup of tea after having the roughest of days, living alone has trained me to find comfort in silence. Moments spent in solitude initially seem to be filled with loneliness but they gradually become enriching.

Living alone comes with a lot of mental preparations too. For instance, being a person afraid of lizards, it has always been a challenge to push my boundaries and clean the shabbiest corners by myself. Even though I'm potentially capable of staying in a pitch dark dark room on the ground floor with the windows open and have a good sleep, the reality of staying alone hits hard sometimes. The first few challenges one faces while starting to living alone are the issues of nurturing contacts and maintaining a healthy social relationship. Maintaining a healthy social relationship does not necessarily mean inviting people on a daily basis for 'Netflix & Chill' but also having a bond that is formal but reliable. It varies from people to people on how they choose to interact with people and maintain social bonds. Along with other responsibilities comes the mammoth task of keeping a track of expenses and building a budget. For instance, I remember how I would live on Pizza on the initial days of the month and ultimately rely on Ramen for the month-ends.

Living alone seems to be a bit troublesome at the beginning but slowly, it enters into our veins until we can no longer hide the joys of having a niche of our own. Starting from figuring out what really matters to you and what you like to do, to building up your personal sanctuary, living alone certainly acts as a medium of filtering your thoughts and motives. One of the most enriching things I have gained by living alone is being comfortable with myself. The comfort is not about wearing what I want and eating what I like but understanding the fact that I can manage on my own.



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