How To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Home is not home without comfort and tranquility. The place where you come back after having the roughest of days is undoubtedly home, the niche you can call yours. After staying with different people in different places, I have realised that it is not every place where I stay can be tagged as home, and every person who shares my room can be called a mate of mine.

Just when I was busy decorating my new apartment, I analysed and examined a few tips that help to refresh any sort of foul odour lingering in the room. Here are those 10 tricks to refreshen up your room!

Stovetop Potpourri

This is undoubtedly one of my favourites. Perfectly suited for a sloth like me, the ingredients you need to make a potpourri include a few citrus fruites, some herbs of your choice and boil those in a pot of water until they begin to release aroma. You can also transfer the mixture in an old mason jar and keep it for a few days.

Bring In A New Guest

When you need to cleanse foul smell and detoxify the air, indoor plants can really prove to be beneficial. Visit the nearest nursery and pick any desk or indoor plant like geranium, lavender or Arabian jasmine that are loaded with fragrant genes to lift the spirit of the room.


Nothing beats the list when it comes to the idea of diffusing some natural oil into the unreachable areas of rooms to eradicate the foul smell. Just take a diffuser, fill it with water and spray it in your entire home to leave behind a favourable mist that will replace the foul odour.

Fabric Spray

if you don't have a diffuser, just put the ingredients into a spray bottle and spray the mixture to places that are likely to trap bad smell.

Vacuuming Matresses

Not just bad odour, matresses act as the storehouse of germs and dirt. Start by sprinkling a bit of baking powder on the matresses and then vacuum it, as a result of which, the matresses will smell better and the room will be free of foul odour.

Wash The Sheets

Obviously not one of the most interesting things to do but washing bed-sheets not only helps to eliminate bad odour but is immensely helpful in achieving s good night's sleep.

Invest in some Scented Candles

The stronger it is, the better. You can get hold of scented candles online that are available in a variety of notes that are useful in keeping away foul smell.

Let in fresh air

The air in early morning is undoubtedly the least polluted and this adds to freshen up the atmosphere of your room. Keep open the windows at morning or evening to let in fresh air that will reduce the damp condition of the room.

Put dry shampoo into stinky shoes

Stinky shoes and socks can add to the foul smell in homes. A quick way to remove the odour is by apply dry shampoo into the shoes and socks that will temporarily absorb the stink to stop the foul smell from spreading.

Placing tea candles in coffee beans

You might find a rejected glass container, fill it with coffee beans and then place it on the top of the container filled with coffee beans that would keep your room deliciously devoid of bad odour.

If you have any trick that help to cleanse the room of bad odour, then let us know!



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