Man Arden Beard Balm : Review

What can be more challenging than reviewing a men's product like a beard balm in spite of being a woman? Along with St.Botanica shampoo, I was gifted Man Arden Beard Balm in exchange of a honest review. I literally experimented with this balm on my brother to note down the effects it imparted on beard. I'm undoubtedly thankful to Man Arden for sending me this product.

Beard balm is basically an important tool that is used to take proper care of beard and moustache. Many people aren't aware of the importance of proper care, groom and maintenance of facial hair and this is why I considered writing a post about it. Man Arden's Beard Balm comes in a circular container and has a top lid that prevents contamination of the same. With ingredients like shea butter, bees wax, olive oil, almond oil, this balm works like magic to tame brittle,dry, rowdy beard without making it oils or clumsy. It reduces patchiness and dry skin that often cause problems. The consistency of this balm is smooth enough and has a refreshing minty fragrance that gives it a woody note.

It is economic as well that makes a mall amount of balm spread evenly on the beard by making it glisten with a sparkle. Personally I couldn't use it but I asked my brother to use it for a number of times and I noted down the effects of applying it. What is important is that it is completely devoid of sulphates,parabenes and mineral oils that eliminate the side effects of applying it.

The question of vital importance is whether I'll buy it again. The answer is yes obviously (not for me, though) as it is a great grooming product fro men.

  • It is a natural product.

  • Works wonderfully to control frizz and dullness of beard by moisturising it.

  • Has a refreshing minty fragrance

  • Easy to apply

  • Smooth consistency

  • Does not make beard and moustache oily after application

A tub of Man Arden Beard Balm of 50g costs 499INR but you can get discounts in Amazon. (Affiliate)

I recommend people having lifeless and dull facial hair to buy this balm as it works wonderfully. Lastly, I'm thankful to Man Arden for sending me a sample product to try and give honest reviews. The review is completely a personal opinion of mine and I would love to hear your opinions on the same.


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