Mom & World Belly Butter: Review

Last month, I was talking with my cousin about how she manages to balance her work after becoming a mother recently. Apart from all other grunts, one thing that really made me think was her problem of having irritable stretch marks and her inability to find a product that can help her soothe the skin without having any sort of side effect. Surprisingly, not within a month, Mom&World sent me their product entitled ‘ Mom & World Belly Butter' in exchange of an honest review and I seized the opportunity to present it to my cousin and write a review on her experience.

With ingredients like mango and cocoa butter, Belly Butter by Mom&World works magically to soothe, soften and moisturise stretching skin as promised. When pregnancy takes a heavy toll on skin and imparts stretch marks, this balm can come to rescue you. My sister absolutely loved this product and she exclaimed how this balm comes with properties that help to nourish your belly before and after pregnancy. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Argan, Almond, Rosehip & Coconut oil, it works on dry, tight, stretched pregnant belly skin.

Honestly, after seeing the results my cousin was getting, I was also tempted to use it on my stretch marks that I have on my hips and thighs and it was unbelievable to see that it moisturised my stretch marks and made it feel smoother. The best part about this product is that it is entirely devoid of parabenes, silicones, mineral oils, suplfates and is not even tested on animals and this property makes it all the more lucrative. It comes in around container that is ideal for balms and a tub of 100 gm costs around 399 INR.

For the next baby shower, this is going to be the gift I’ll carry and here’s why

It is economic

It softens and moisturises stretching skin and does not give fake promises of removing stretch marks.

It is a purely natural product and does not have chemicals or harmful ingredients.


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