Mom & World Nipple Balm: Review

Last month, I was talking with my cousin about how she manages to balance her work after becoming a mother recently. Apart from all other grunts, one thing that really made me think was her problem of having sore nipples and her inability to find a product that can help her soothe tender nipples without having any sort of side effect. Surprisingly, not within a month, St.Botanica sent me their product entitled ‘ Mom & World Nipple Balm’ in exchange of an honest review and I seized the opportunity to present it to my cousin and write a review on her experience.

Enriched with Cocoa and shea butter, it has a grainy yet smooth texture that melts once it comes in direct contact with the skin and does magic in healing and soothing tender nipples. Shea butter has a dozen of anti-inflammatory and healing properties that proves beneficial to soothe tender and cracked nipples. As it melts in room temperature, the nipple balm gets the desired consistency for application. The inclusion of cocoa butter in the balm gives it an added layer of anti-oxidants called flavonols that makes the skin youthful for longer.

This balm also has a number of other useful ingredients for optimum result like Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond, Chamomile Extract, Avocado Oil and more that moisturises the nipples dramatically increasing comfort during and after nursing. It is absolutely natural and is free from lanolin, petroleum, paraben, gluten and GMOs that make it undoubtedly safe for nursing mothers and babies.

The vital question that comes now is whether I’ll buy it again. The answer is yes, for gifting and recommending, I’ll undoubtedly resort to this.

You can buy it from here:

  • This nipple balm is made of fully organic elements and is safe for nursing mothers and babies.

  • It is free from mineral oils and chemicals.

  • It deeply moisturises, soothes and nourishes skin.

  • This balm is pocket friendly and a dollop of this balm has enough coverage.


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