St.Botanica Argan and Rosehip Face Serum : A Review

In the event trends of beauty, that one thing which is bringing forth a revolution is the usage of oils in beauty treatment. Be if hair oil, body oil, or oil used in your face for rendering a glow, oils have made their way into the hearts of consumers. Last week, I was presented a parcel from St.Botanica which is a face serum. This article is an in-depth analysis of the Argan and Rosehip Face Serum by St.Botanica.

Loaded with Argan oil, Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil, and evening primrose oil, this serum is a magical blend of useful ingredients. Wit the usage of this face serum, you skin becomes visibly smoother, lucious and nourished. This serum can be used to treat fine lines of ageing and wrinkles. The essential materials moisturises skin all over and contain soin-replenishing properties that renew the skin's radiance.

Personally, I feel that this serum is capable of deeply hydrating the skin. The lightweight formula of this serum maintains the skin's elasticity which is a plus point. Even though it is a bit costly, it is economic and is devoid of any harmful chemicals or minerals. If asked whether I would buy it again, the answer is yes, I would love to reorder it! You can get it here :


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