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Starting A New Day After Having A Rough Time

What feels worse than having a rough time? Probably the next morning- you are still sleepy, half-awake and before you can bid goodbye to your little moments of being half asleep, you are immediately reminded of the pain you experienced. We all are aware of the common weightless sayings that people often come to console us with, but deep down we all know how useless it is to calm ourselves forcefully.

Calming a mental tsunami requires patience and acceptance. The more you try to divert your mind and avoid thinking about it, the more your mind will try to focus on it. So. here's an unorthodox tip: if you find yourself constantly contemplating about the rough time, think about it without experiencing pangs of guilt and you will see that there will come a time when you would not require to train your mind to be calm and quite.

Cleansing your mind and regaining strength and confidence can be a mammoth task. People have curated their own personal niche to which they retreat when they feel overwhelmed by negative emotions. Some prefer to talk and indulge in human contact to release the inbuilt tension and stress. Some, however, prefer solitude. So, you will see that you are finding a way in which you feel right: it can be hanging out with our closest friends or sitting by the window and reading a light novel. The fact is, different things work as medicines for different people. There can be no wrong way to regain your mental peace and balance.

There is no clear and easy way to get over inbuilt pressure but its acceptance can help. Accepting the fact that sometimes you will have turbulent phases, where you might feel that you can't find a way out but at the end, you'll always survive. Having faith in something also helps one undergo an emotional detox. Learn to accept life, the ups and downs of life. Life is really not a bed of roses and the journey of life is much like a roller-coaster. It is the wave of constant ups and downs that give one the true meaning of life. Sometimes, when one tries to depict their inner turbulence, they get confronted by details of how worse things have happened to others and how that 'other' has survived. If you feel you are being dragged into a competition, abort the company and conversation; nothing is more important than your mental health. Accepting oneself also helps to be more confident about emotions and the overflow of feelings.

Cleansing your mind and undergoing a mental detox is not as tough as some think. If you feel nothing is helping you to overcome the after-effect of a rough time, you can always take professional help and strengthen yourself.

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