The Beauty And Magnificence of Old-Age

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Why do we use the phrase "fine as wine" ? Maturation is a process that is believed to come with ageing in most of the cases. The only thing can possibly negate years of wisdom visible in the form of greyed hair and wrinkled skin is probably nothing but the anti-ageing creams that are forcibly thrown at our face. After all, phrases like "Old is Gold" have not rooted themselves perfectly into our vernacular.

According to Pew Research Centre,only 3% of U.S. Citizens foresee the possibility of inventing a time machine that would gear their journey backwards. The rest asserted their happiness in living at the present moment yet we are quite often bombarded with anti-ageing creams and hair colour potions that guarantee maximum coverage against greyed hair. Such irony, isn't it?

In a country where sexism rages on full force, it is quite obvious that creams and lotions to 'cure' old-age will only be directed for women. This is the case, undoubtedly. Old-age is underrated and so is wisdom. Instead of accepting grey hairs as the kisses of the goddess Moon,why are people so obsessed with getting their hair coloured? The anxiety when a person finds out their first grey hair doesn't need to be articulated.

The phrase "ageing gracefully" has ironic overtones in it just like the phrase "dark but beautiful". Wrinkled skin, grey hair, smile lines and childlike innocence aren't something that we should be ashamed of. Its high time that we stop forcefully killing adulthood and glorify the aspect of being "ageless".  The burden of beauty acts as the silent killer of our personality. Everyday we wake up to face the mirror with utter disbelief and contemplate how we can achieve the orthodox beauty goals set for us.

"Anti-ageing" is a term that resonates with terms like "anti-fungal"and "anti-virus" and subtly reinforces the idea why it is necessary for us to fight against it. It is simple biology that proves our inefficiency to arrest the unwelcomed guest, ageing, even if we go to beauty parlours daily, get eight hours of sleep and rely on creams and Botox. We are bound to get frown lines and crow's feet, no matter what.

I have often heard the phrase "Life begins at 40" by my mother who has never been shackled by the chains of norms and customs. Having married at the age of 30 (before it was actually accepted by the society), shew has always set examples in front of me that helps me to realise why looks don't matter in the long run. Every age has its beauty. Some love to sail smoothly on the tide of life whereas some find it comfortable to stick to their niche of a particular period and that is what undermines the beauty of old-age in particular.

Old-age is beautiful. Even if someone walks with a stick and lies on  bed all the day. They have fought battles and won. They have survived tough battles and have gained wisdom much more than we pseudo-intellectuals claim to have after the accessibility of internet. They have seen life, lived it and developed into ripe human beings who are sources of infinite wisdom and knowledge. Do they really need creams and lotions and tons of other 'anti-ageing' things to be at par with the world?

What are you waiting for? Go and tell the elder members of your family that they are beautiful and magnificent. What are the other beautiful aspects of old-age that you think are overlooked? Tell us in the comment section below, we would love to listen.

Pictures by @felicityingram .

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