The Emotional Dilemma of Leaving Your Parents' House

Globalisation cab be treated as the reason why youth is embarking on a journey to experience the inexperienced and settle at a place away from their parental accommodation. The chapter of one’s life: moving out of parents’ house is one of the most underrated ones in the history of mankind. If you have moved out of parents’ house ever, then you might relate to a great extent to this post.

A stressful yet inevitable chapter of life is moving to a new and unknown place with parents. The first few days of making tea all by oneself and learning how to pay bills on time undoubtedly gives one the taste of complete freedom but the euphoric moments soon get lost into disillusionment. One is bound to feel a lot like an adult when they need to take care of themselves and the absence of any do’s and don’ts (except that of the landlord) is certainly a welcoming gesture into adulthood.

While I left my hometown for a bigger city, the unknown provisions scared me quite frankly, but what made me emotional was my forthcoming inability to see my parents and sibling mature. Constantly pondering over the fact that I’ll be missing a part of mine associated with them, that I will not see them maturing. The existentialist in me often rises and brings forth an array of events that I’m going to miss probably if I don’t stay at that place. All these contribute to a kind of emotional tug of war we go through.

No matter how much we contemplate and revise our choice of staying away from parents, once you step out of your comfort zone and learn to tame the untamed,you can learn a number of lessons and the experiences gathered help to shape us into an independent, responsible self. The emotional turmoil we go through when we stepout of our parents' house for the first time is an obvious and inevitable thing but it also helps us to connect with parents in a more intimate way than before.

If you have ever stayed away from your family or went to a new city, tell us how did you feel and how those emotions have shaped you. We would love to hear from you !


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