The Evergreen Association of Menstruation with Impurity

No matter how much people talk about menstruation and the normalcy of it, there will always remain a certain percentage that will not care to understand basic science and go on believing that menstruation is a taboo. While people across the globe are trying to slash down the luxury taxes imposed on sanitary napkins, here are some of the most bizarre traditions around the globe where menstruation comes with a dangerously heavy price.


What’s better than delving deep in our own traditions that have been pressurising women to follow certain absurd rules ranging from not entering kitchen to abstaining from having pickle or any sour food? Rural women still do not have access to sanitary napkins and are compelled to use ash, wood shavings, dirty cloths and other such abominable things. According to The Wire, many Indians nurture the fact that periods are dirty and women are impure during that time.


A tradition in Nepal called Chhaupadi has recently been banned following the death of a teenager who died while she was banished. The practice demanded menstruating women to stay out of the houses, specifically in some sheds as they were supposed to be “impure”.


Missing schools is a quite common feature in Kenya due to the lack of menstrual products. The lack of sex education also imparts to their disbeliefs in the course of menstruation that it can possibly lead to STDs.


In Romania, menstruating women are instructed not to touch flowers as that will make them wither quickly.

Even today, many girls get to know about periods after having it and the sight of blood obviously makes them nervous. I can recount the memories of a number of my friends who stated that they did not know what period was until one day they just spotted their pants soaking with blood. The question is not only to educate girls but also boys who need to be aware of the bodily function. To conclude with, menstruation is nothing impure or ugly but a subtle reminder of reproduction and recreation.



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