The Purifying Bond One Shares With a Roommate

Staying away from home can be an emotionally exhaustive one especially because of the fact that it demands adjustment at a great deal to enhance the living experience. If you ever have had a roommate with whom you shared a part of yourself and felt the entire room or apartment is a witness of the cosmic exchange, then you will undoubtedly relate to the this post.

When I shifted from my home for the first time, the one thing that I was scared about the bleak possibilities of finding a compatible roommate. It becomes tough to adjust with a roommate with whom you can't harmonise mentally. The matching of frequency of two minds is a must thing that can transform a bond of mere friendship into that of a macro-cosmic bond that imitates the intimacy and understanding that is common in a family.

After sharing my room with twelve people, I have realised that people with whom you fail to harmonise can make your life hell and the vice versa. I have had a few annoying roommates who would put a wet teaspoon into the sugar jar or someone who rarely did the dishes and as a result of which I was left with no other option but to clean the vibrant, germinating fungi that was spreading on the dishes. On the other hand, however, I was lucky enough to find a few roommates who would understand me and would listen to me when I wanted them to be my ardent listeners.

Good times show us how people wish to forecast their images in front of us and bad times show us what people really are. I shared my room with my roommates during the brightest days of spring and the coldest days of winter. Most of the interaction you can expect to have with your roommate is communication and open talks about matter. Yes, a few things of my roommate makes me question my existence in the room but it is soon overpowered by the intense understanding we have. Even if my roommate farts under the blanket and doesn't turn the fan on, her calm and cool attitude when I break into tears after holding back my pain and grudge after a couple of days is what makes us stick together.

Having a compatible roommate doesn't only make our struggling lives memorable but also makes us understand what adjustment is, at a great extent. After sharing a 10X10 room with two other girls, I guess I don't need to make the intrinsic adjustment explicit. Be it matters regarding a tight monthly budget or times when I was in the mood of expending a sum on some luxurious stuff, my roommate was the one I could turn to, for getting sound advises. Not just petty issues, I had the back of my roommate when I was going through a dark phase of depression while I mourned the loss of a close relative. There will be times when parents and closest people will not be able to make it up for you but you can count on your compatible roommates to listen to each and every minute detail that makes your heart ache. I had one such roommate who said," Cry as much as you wish, but only for the time being". You call it magic or strength or whatever it was, those simple yet power loaded words helped me to heal my bruise, to soothe the pain.

The purifying bond of two roommates is what I will treasure in my life because a very fertile period of my life is spent with a number of women who have shaped and moulded me into the human I'm today. But, what happens if one such roommate whom you could count on becomes the one with a venomous name, the one whose name you find tough to utter? Will you be able to sleep after that?


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